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So, now that DD is getting older and her poo is getting more difficult to rinse we purchased some disposable liners and they work great protecting the diaper from the poo so we aren't rinsing so often. What I'm concerned about is that they get so wet and soggy so quickly that I feel like I need to change the diaper much sooner than I would normally. We are using the AppleCheeks diaper liners

Does anyone else feel this way? Am I using the wrong kind of insert? Has anyone had any rash issues with the inserts?  


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  • I don't feel like our liners ever really get soggy. We use the GroVia kind. They're always pretty dry when we change him even if the diaper is soaked.
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  • We've been using Kushies bio/flushable liners and I don't find that we have that problem.
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  • I use Bummis disposable liners and they work great, no sogginess.
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