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City mini double deal

I had the city mini single for DD and I was obsessed with it and swear it is the best stroller ever!! I ended up selling it on Craigslist for 140 great resale value and then found the 2011 double on for 329 with no tax and free shipping!! I just got it today and I love it!! I'm so excited I got my favorite stroller as a double :. I looked around on a lot of websites and this was by far the best deal... Check it out if your in the market for a double

Re: City mini double deal

  • I second the great deals! About a year ago, my friend ordered something from them and had me pick it up for her at their office. Now they just opened an actual store to shop so it makes it great for those in the area.
  • Thats great! I have the BJCM, and just bought the double as well. I bought it in green from Amazon during their Mom's appreciation sale. They advertised the red as being part of the sale, but then wouldn't honor the coupon. After fighting with them for an hour they gave me 20% off with another coupon since that was so misleading. It was a pain, but got it close to 300 and my first color choice! Love getting deals. :)
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