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Need advice, week old doesn't fit my stash

I have a 9lb, 8oz week old boy who gets leaks out of the legs when I tried to use BG3.0/4.0 OS pockets on him.  I didn't even try to use my flips. 

I am wondering how long you would think it will be until he would fit these, based on some of your experiences.  He is a great eater and both his father and I are tall, muscular people.... so he is going to probably be a big kid. 

Option One: Order Alvas online.... I am concerned that if I get some alva  NB that by the time they get here, they won't fit him. I can't figure out from their website if they have a size up from NB that isn't OS. 

Option Two: Get some prowrap or thirsties covers and prefolds somewhere... but the prefolds confuse me because I don't know which ones to buy... 

Option Three: Stick with sposies until he fits into the BG stash that I have. 

Any help here would be appreciated.  I am somewhat overwhelmed by the pain, lack of sleep and so on that decision making is sketchy at best :)

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Re: Need advice, week old doesn't fit my stash

  • DD was born 8lbs 11oz.  She didn't fit into her OS CDs until around 6 weeks/12lbs.  Personally, I'd go with option 2 or 3.
  • As far as prefolds, I only have experience with osocozy. It surprised me, but I like them a lot, and the folding gets easier. I use unbleached Indian cotton, the infant size, 4x8x4. When we are at home, I alternate between 2 wool covers now, but I used to alternate between some Thirsties covers. Be prepared to change a prefold often though, depending on how often your little one wets. Also, there are plenty of videos on YouTube and 1 on the osocozy website that show you how to fold.

    And, just to try to help you out with dd was 112oz at 2month check about 3 weeks ago. So maybe 12 pounds now? Not sure, but the infant size or whichever is 1 up from newborn is getting small, but still fits.
  • My DD was almost 8 pounds at birth and it was 8ish weeks before she fit into her one size.

    So at this point I'd definitely do something. I used Kissaluv 0 fitteds for the NB phase. They were spendy for the short time I used them, but I've never had a diaper work better than those. Check into some other newborn fitteds and covers. Easier than prefolds but cheaper than AIOs for the most part.


  • Sounds like you're pretty overwhelmed. I would stick with disposables if it were me. Your son will probably fit in to the BGs when he's about 10lbs.
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  • If you got 20 alvas, they do express shipping and you get them within a few days of placing your order. You could also try some kawaii pure and natural from sweetbottoms as they ship very quickly too. Or, just use sposies for a while until you're less stressed and babe is a little bigger.

  • Pure and Naturals fit to 22 pounds, that is probably what I would do.
  • Flips and BG 3.0s fit my DS when he was 10lbs/7 weeks and he had pretty skinny legs.  It seems like (IME at least) your stash will fit soon so I would either use sposies for a little longer or get some prefolds. 

    FWIW, I'm pretty dedicated to CD'ing, but I don't think I would bother buying more diapers just to fit for another week or two when you have a whole stash waiting.  If you used them from day 1 that's a different story, but since it seems like the rest of your stash should be close to fitting soon I would stick with sposies for now. 

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  • We left our daughter in sposies for 2 months because she didn't fit into her nb sized AIOs.  I finally gave up waiting and bought prefolds (Bummis) and super brite covers and haven't looked back. I actually just sold my AIOs because I was tired of waiting for her skinny little legs and bum to fill the diapers.
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  • I would get some Thirsties Duos Size 1 and small Birds Eye Flats from Green Mtn. Diapers. The flats are very versatile and the Duos should provide a good fit for awhile... I would get snaps though, I am not fond of Thirsties aplix.
  • truth be told, we went with disposables until DDs cord stump fell off and she was big enough for the cloth. then again, she was only 5 pounds 12 oz when she came home... so it was probably three or four weeks... 
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  • I would def go the prefolds and covers route. An infant (med) size prefold in an organic cotton is straight forward enough to get your hands and will be the most versatile and longest lasting option (not to mention the cheapest). The folds are much easier to get used to than they look, you'll feel like a pro within a day or two! Bonus is you can continue to use them as back up to your BGs on wash days!

    Definitely recommend the thirsties duo wraps. Go for snaps if you want durability and longevity or the velcro if you're worried about something easy for fumbling fingers in the middle of the night. 

    All the best!

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