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Sleeping overnight

My 3 and a half week old slept from 12:30 to 7:30 last that normal?

Re: Sleeping overnight

  • Our little one started sleeping 7 hour stretches around that same time too. I was told by the pedi that I no longer had to wake him for feeding during the night. Just blessed to have a good sleeper!

  • That's great. This is the second time it has happened so I figured I'd ask. Thanks!
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  • Ours started STTN around the same time, maybe a little bit sooner even, yes, it's normal as long as they are gaining weight.  Congrats on your good sleeper!
  • Mine just started STTN about a week they were 10 weeks.  Being preemies I figured it would come later.  I'm so excited now.  DS sleeps a solid 8 hours.  DD sleeps anywhere from 7-10.
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  • My LO is only a few days older than yours and he has nights where he will sleep almost completely over night like that, I wouldn't think it's anything to be concerned about as long as he/ she is eating well during the day and has a good diaper count, weight gain, etc., etc. You're very lucky!
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