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Refusing bottle

LO has been drinking from a bottle on occasion just fine since 4 weeks. Now all of the sudden at 8 weeks he is refusing it from DH. I'm suppose to go back to work next week and he is staying home with DH one day and my mother in law one day. What am I suppose to do about him not taking the bottle. I cannot miss any more work.

Re: Refusing bottle

  • DD did the same thing. I gave my mom a tshirt I had worn. She draped it over her chest while offering the bottle, and that helped. It takes patience. Be prepared to nurse your LO a lot when you get home from work.
    DS born 8/8/09 and DD born 6/12/12.
  • DD did this too.  I was freaked, because I have to work.  I had a few trial days away where she eventually did take some.  Then, when I went back to work, she took a little more.  I'd say after 2-3 days, it "clicked."  It just took practice.  She still prefers me, but she got it.

    DH and I went OOT last weekend without her, and she did great.  So...  I guess my point is there is hope! 

    Oh, and we use the lansinoh momma bottle.  It's the only one she would even kind of touch. 

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