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Laundry for parttime cloth

I have a small stash 11 BG AIO and pockets and when I was on maternity leave was cding about half the time and just using disposables while they were washing. I'm back at work now and can only CD in the evenings and weekends bc I haven't got daycare in board yet. The problem is that it takes a few days at least 3 or 4 during the week to use all the diapers and I hate to wash just a few diapers at a time. I know every other day is the recommendation for washing. Any ideas?

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Re: Laundry for parttime cloth

  • I CD DS partime because of the same situation with daycare and I made the mistake of waiting 4 or 5 days to wash diapers and ended up with stink issues.  The CD store near me recommended still washing every 3 days  even if it's just a few diapers.
  • I wash LOs baby clothes much the same I wash her diapers. Gets the stains out.

    I'd consider throwing her diapers in with her clothes I guess.

  • Just throw some dirty towels in the hot cycle, after the first cold rinse/wash. And do some serious education on those daycare people! They are legally required to use whatever diapers a parent provides. For all they know, your doctor could have told you switch to cloth due to continuous chemical rashes in disposables! Unless they are the ones providing diapers for your LO while there, they have no right to tell you what diapers they will or will not put on your child.
  • You should be able to get away with doing wash every 3rd day. I would also recommend getting after your daycare, after all, who could object to an AIO or pocket. Show them how easy a diaper change really is and reassure them that they need not do anything special with poo dipes (you can do that when you get home). If they continue to resist you can alway remind them that many daycares do welcome CDs and that you might just have to start looking for a different daycare that cares about the choices you have made for your baby. :) All the best!
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