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How much gas is normal?

DS is ebf and tends to have gas pretty frequently. He dent seem uncomfortable but does grunt a bit in his sleep (I was writing this off as preemie grunts... And it may be)  is it normal for babies to have some gas every day? I don't want to cut stuff out if it's normal. He's also down to one dirty diaper a day, plenty of wet though. Again, does not seem uncomfortable at all so I assume tats normal? 


Nbr ... as I wrote this dh just had some gas in his sleep... Maybe he just takes after his dad ;-)


Thanks ladies  


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Re: How much gas is normal?

  • I don't have an answer but my LO is very gassy also. 
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  • We are BFing also and LO is very, very gassy. She grunts all the time. It could be just something in your diet that is causing it? My LO only has a BM once a week too, so once a day is normal! Our pedi said that BF babies are super noisy and as long as their poop is normal, we shouldn't be worried.

    We do gas drops a lot and bicycle legs a lot too, just to help out :)



    We were also advised to do a lot of burping as well. I nurse a side, burp, nurse the other side, burp. We are also doing different positions as well with burping: over the shoulder, sitting, tummy down across legs, etc.



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