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Wool covers, or PUL covers?

I'm totally a novice in this area, and have only used OS pockets, but the previous wool posts have me wondering.

For those that use covers, do you prefer wool covers, or PUL covers? I think I might be interested in wool, since I knit, but I'm not really sure how it works, or how to care for wool covers. Is it a ton of extra work?

Re: Wool covers, or PUL covers?

  • I researched and researched trying wool with my night time routine but PUL won the battle b/c I didn?t want to trouble shoot wool issues (washing, felting, lanolizing?.).  I have enough on my plate with 3 LO?s, farm, work?

     I have a mix of Econobum (large stuffed fitteds don?t fit very well with Eco) and Pro Wraps (fit perfect with large stuffed fitteds) covers but I?ve recently had to purchase Nappie pants b/c LO undoes the Velcro on the Pro Wraps when not wearing pants or a sleeper.


  • I like both my wool and PUL equally.  At home I usually use wool covers, its easier to check if DS1 is wet, it breathes sooo much better so no rashes, and I made them from upcycling wool sweaters so I have more color/pattern choices. However if we are out of the house, I use PUL covers instead for the waterproof barrier, I'm too chicken to take him out in wool since he's a heavy wetter and I don't want compression leakage.  Wool upkeep is easy, I haven't had any issues and I only wash/lanolize when it gets stinky or soiled.  I haven't started wool with DS2 yet since we didn't start til DS1 was 6 months old, but I'm not sure I would do it yet anyway since we are in newborn EBF poo with every feeding. That would give me way too much laundry to do.
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