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I was originally and October mom, but had my baby this past Monday via c-sect after the induction didn't quite do what it was supposed to do. After they opened me up, took the baby and looked around, my doc said my body was not made to birth babies - something about my sacrum and pelvis. I will need to ask her at my next appointment because I was too doped up to remember what she said exactly.

The baby was 6lbs 5 oz and was born at 37 weeks 4 days. I was able to hold him and have some skin to skin for about an hour and then he went to the nursery and then off to the NICU. He had fluid on his lungs, rapid heart beat and rapid breathing. They told me all of that was due to the lack of transition that they normally go through when being pushed through the birth canal.

We were released to come home late Thursday night, and have been trying to figure things out - things are going pretty good but of course I'm paranoid about every little thing.

We are trying to breast feed, but I don't have a pump yet (hopefully in the next 3 days I'll have one). He latches really good sometimes and other times not so much. He hasn't pooped at all today so we are watching that.

I look forward to learning and "meeting" you ladies. I'm a FTM so I might be posting a lot.

Oh, and how the H - E - double hockey sticks do I put a picture in my signature? 

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  • Welcome! Sorry to hear things have been a bit rough, I hope it gets better! Like PP said you can use tinypic (but I prefer photobucket) and just copy and paste the code.
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