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XP: FF baby poop

DD is almost 3 weeks old. She normally only goes every other day, which her ped said not to worry about. Her poop is usually the greenish-yellow loose stools. I just changed her diaper and it was like a tiny adult turd. Maybe the size of a quarter and the color of spinach. Is this normal ??

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Re: XP: FF baby poop

  • DS goes every other day as well. When I took him to the Ped, he said that was normal but to call immediately if his stool was hard. I would call if I were you. It can't hurt!

  • DS goes every other day and it is always a complete blow out.
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  • Constipated. We had that happen when L was on soy formula. Did you change anything recently?

    Lillian April 17, 2012
  • They switched her from Sim Advanced to Sim Sensitive. I started giving her 3.5ozs as opposed to 3 oz. We also gave her Mylicon last night for gas. But just one dose in the middle of the night.

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