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Ftm questions

I am a first time mom and my baby is 9 weeks old she will be 10 on Tuesday and I have had a hard time breastfeeding I don't produce enough milk it. Makes me sad but she needs to eat. I have noticed that her bowls have gotten slow she does not poop as much as she did On breast milk and if she does poop it is once a day and it is the consistency of peanutbutter I was wondering if this is normal and if it will get better. I also wonder when her hair color will change

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  • Are you using formula then? If so remember that ff poop is very different than bf poop.
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  • Pooping once a day is pretty normal. Why would her hair change color? Sometimes it can lighten and darken, but it most likely won't drastically change.
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  • Sounds like normal poo to me. And it's hard to really tell their for real hair color until it get thicker and longer. My kid's hair is still just wispy strands and I honestly can't tell if it's brown, blonde, or maybe even a little red.
  • Sounds normal, especially the thicker consistency on formula.  Keep in mind that breastfeeding is a supply and demand situation.  If you're still trying to breastfeed and are supplimenting with formula, make sure you're pumping while feeding the formula or you'll continue to have issues.  If you've switched completely, expect baby to have different bowel movements than when she was EBF.

    And hair color changes constantly so that could happen any time. 

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  • image AKB090609:
    Are you using formula then? If so remember that ff poop is very different than bf poop.

    this. and pretty much everything everyone else said too. As long as LO doesn't go longer than 24 hrs or so without bm and it isn't rock-like than I think you're fine 

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  • I have had problems from the start with producing enough milk I give her what I can I'd BM but it seems to be less and less so she gets formula. Her hair color is nothing I thought It would be I have dark dark brown hair and her dad is dirty blond and she has a strawberry blond was just wondering if it would change or not and her eyes are blue will they change with her being almost 3 months. Thank you everyone for the info
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