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nighttime saturation question for newbie

I'm currently using a diaper service. We're using shells with inserts which is working rather well for us at this time. The inserts seem like an average cotton blend that are folded into thirds.

I have a 6 week old who is waking up 2x a night. I figure this is normal. Now, when I change her diaper during those times, she's often soaked (not outside the diaper, but not sure it would hold much more). What can I do, so that when she does start sleeping through one of those feedings, to make sure her diaper does it's job? Are the inserts I see on site like Kelly's Closet under "nighttime solutions" really worth the purchase? I don't want that, when she's ready, she's not waking up because she's hungry necessarily, but because she's wet.

Re: nighttime saturation question for newbie

  • I have a few things from the kelly's closet nighttime solutions category, and have found that they are all pretty excellent! we have a super soaker DD and nothing is really getting us through the night. I don't think that using a disposable ON diaper would work either. (we tried and, even using a size larger than she needs, she still wets it through in like 6 hours) So, yeah, worth a look, but hemp works great as a doubler!
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