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spitting water

Ds started this super fun new game of spitting out mouthfuls of water every time he drinks. I don't know how to make him stop! It not only makes a mess, but he's obviously not getting water. I tell him no everytime, but he just smiles..does anyone have any suggestions?!
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Re: spitting water

  • Yep. mine went through this phase as well. I would take away the sippy without making eye contact. This is an attention seeking behavior so don't give any attention including saying no.

    After doing this my DS doesn't do it anymore. 

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  • DS does this also. He does it with water and milk. I notice it's only after he's drank most of it, so I take it as him being done. I tell him no, don't spit and take the cup away.

    He still does it.

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  • Agree with BabyKsMommy that it is an an attempt to get attention.  DD did this for a week, maybe two.  It was annoying and messy, but I ignored it, and eventually she stopped.  I just kept her bib with the pouch on her whenever I gave her water so it would catch some of the spills.  Just don't make a big deal or laugh or make eye contact when he does it, and he will probably give it up soon. 
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  • My DS did that the other day at the dinner table and I just ignored him so he hasn't done it since.  I've noticed if I say no or make a big deal out of things he will want to continue to do it.  If you just ignore it and pretend you dont notice they won't do it again. 
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