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Mucus in poop? Xp

So, my LO is 16 days old and we got up to feed him this morning and also had to change two poopy dipes... Nothing out of the ordinary until we looked at the poo! It is still yellowy and pretty runny, but in the first dipe, there was a mushy clump of poo that had some mucus in it. We got him all cleaned up and MH was holding him when we heard him poop again. This time, the dipe had more typical runny yellow poo, but it was more mushy than normal and I could still see some mucus in it! Is this normal? Should I be calling the pedi? I looked on Dr. Google and of course got freaked out about oversupply issues and food allergies. I don't think I have an over supply issues, but now that I think about it, when Jake nurses on the right, he sometimes unlatches coughing like he's choking. Not every time, but occasionally... He doesn't spit up or vomit tho, he burps well, he doesn't seem overly fussy, he's sleeping well and alert, etc... What do you all think?
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Re: Mucus in poop? Xp

  • I've never heard of that before so I can't really say if I think it's normal or not. I would probably call his pediatrician but I am the better be safe than sorry type so maybe it's just me.
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  • I would call the pedi just to ask! I had issues with blood and mucus in my LOs poo. She also got really fussy when she had to go, like it hurt her to have a BM. I called the pedis office and she had me come in.  It turned out my LO has MSPI, so I am on an elimination diet since I EBF. Since I have eliminated dairy and soy she has been great!  She only gets fussy when she is tired and is a much happier baby.
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  • DS2 has similar poos. Not every poo had the mucus and eventually the mucus went completely away. I think its just their digestive systems adjusting.
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  • Same here, it happens occasionally but we've never thought anything about it. Do what will give you peace of mind.
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