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Last 2 WW after IUI #1

Hello, I haven't been here in awhile, wanted to check in with my story and ask for some virtual sticky dust. I'm 6 days post-injectible IUI in my last try (DH is done after this cycle). As you can see from my sig, I've had a history of recurrent losses. This was my first month with any fertility treatments. The IUI was done in hopes of growing more eggs so one would stick. I had 4 follicles and he had 10 million swimmers (sorry if TMI!)- I guess this is good? My pregnancy test will be Friday. Honestly, I'm not sure which I am more scared of: a negative test which means we are done with our family, or a positive test that will mean weeks of anxiety and the endless wait through the first trimester, not to mention the 25% chance of multiples that comes with the IUI (multiples would be bad for our finances and our living situation). Thanks for your T & P!  

In final 2 WW after 1st injectible IUI cycle with gonadotropins, Gonal-F. IUI was 9/23. DH will not do another cycle, so this is it for us. History: 6 pregnancies: 5 losses and one DD (born 1-30-2010). Last pregnancy (May 2012) ended in D&E at 9 weeks, testing showed male fetus with an extra 16th chromosone. Recurrent losses thought to be likely due to AMA (I'm 40).

Re: Last 2 WW after IUI #1

  • Good luck!
    Me-41, Hubby-40.
    1st BFP-8/17/12!  Missed Miscarriage discovered @ 8 week US.  D&C.
    2nd BFP-2/13/13!  Blighted Ovum discovered @ 8 week US. Natural miscarriage.
    3rd BFP-5/22/13!  By early June, progesterone plummeting.  Another loss.
    August 2013 - started Donor Egg process, but surprise BFP with my own eggs.
    Dear Son born 5/28/14
  • Best of luck to you!

    TTC 10/11. IUI 2/12. BFP 3/8/12. 4/26/12 missed mc. RE consult 5/17/12. IVF #1 ER 7/13/12 53R, 41M ICSIed, 32F, 8 5d, 6 6d blasts - all PGD/frozen. PGD results 1 normal M and 1 normal F, 1 maybe M. FET 9/6, transferred 1 F embie. Beta 9/15 BFN. FET#2 planned for 11/2012 put off until 2013. Surprise BFP 11/21/12!! My son was born on 7/24/13!

    FET 4/28/2015 - Transferred 1 M embie. 5/6/15 BFP!

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  • Wishing you a BFP... good luck!
    ***siggy/ticker warning***

    Me:36 DH:38 TTC#1 since 4/2012
    Me DX: Hashimotos,Hypothyroid, DOR, MTHFR,  DH: normal

     IUI #1-#4 BFNs and a few cancelled cycles in the mix.
    - poor responder
    ***Suprise BFP on 6/13/13. Natural MC @6wks 3days
    IVF#1 and 2- Cancelled due to no response on max stimms
    FET 5/20- BFP
    1st Beta- 641
    2nd beta- 2166
    Sono- TWINS!!!!
    Two Boys! Born January 2015 @36 weeks.  Healthy and no NICU!  So blessed!


  • Best wishes!! I am so sorry for your losses and am sending lots of sticky vibes that will last for a full 9 month happy & healthy pregnancy!  
  • Sticky vibes are on the way!
    Me 39 & suspected PCOS, DH 42. Went off BCP when we got married in 11/11, seriously TTC since 3/12.  Six cycles of clomid = BFNs.  Suspected endometriosis & HSG showed both tubes blocked.  Sept 2013 IVF 5D transfer of two perfect embryos = BFN.  Started acupuncture and taking time off to drop some pounds & get healthier before FET in April 2014.
  • Sending you lots of sticky dust!!!
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