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Anyone developed FAs as an adult?

If so, what were your symptoms? I know a lot of times in babies, mucous in the poop can be a good indicator. I know this is TMI (and I guess could be baby related) but my stomach has been upset lately and I've had what I can only describe as mucous as well. I had planned on cutting out dairy in a few weeks, guess I can cut that out and see if it helps. I've never had FAs before, so this is all new territory for me.

Re: Anyone developed FAs as an adult?

  • I had major bloating and gas for years and kept getting pushed off as IBS. One day it was like everything I ate I had to run to the bathroom and went back to the doc. They did allergy testing and came back that I was allergic to wheat. After I started a gluten free diet, I was like a new person. I was 31 when I found out. I was shocked!
  • I don't have any actual allergies that I know of, but I am MPSI and that has gotten progressively worse as I have gotten older.  I realized I was MPI in college.  Anyway, now I am wicked gluten sensitive and I only eat it at one meal and SHOULD take it out completely.  Contemplating it.  Gas, bloating, etc.  It is just crappy because we already are a peanut/tree nut/egg free house because of DS.  I am running out of foods to eat!
    O 10.08 & MJ 6.10
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