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Too many clothes?

We have been given (bought or donated) SOOOO many clothes that I am overwhelmed. Baby girl will never wear all these clothes and it seems a waste. Now, MIL is here and I have begged her not to buy clothes, but we went to BRU yesterday just to get the Project Runway outfit, and she bought her three outfits. I had a breakdown when I got home. What do I do with all of these clothes?
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Re: Too many clothes?

  • I've felt the same way at some points. we got a ton of clothes from the shower and as gifts and a friend donated all of their 2  little boys clothes to us. 

    at first i felt this rush to donate a lot of it but now that i see how many clothes lo goes through per day, I'm just hanging onto them. i figure if i have another boy ill be well supplied and if i don't.. I'm sure i can find someone who i can give the clothes to.

    i appreciated them coming to me even if i didn't plan on using them, so I'm sure someone else will want them down the road. i just try to make it clear to the grandparents that we are well stocked on clothes. if they listen, great, if not.. oh well.  

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  • We only go through one change of clothes a day, so depending upon the baby you may or may not need tons of clothes. I found that my baby grew out of her clothes really quickly, and while I was gifted a lot of newborn, 0-3, and 3-6 months clothes, I don't have many bigger sizes. So, if your MIL insists on buying you clothes, either suggest that she buy bigger sizes, or maybe save them and exchange them for bigger sizes.
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  • I've been saving some of the ones that have tags so that I can regift them. The other stuff I will probably give away.
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  • I'll be consigning most of mine (except for a few extra special pieces) at a local shop, where I'll be able to get the next sizes up!
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  • I just had my 3 rd baby boy in 3 years so along with my stash of clothes saved from the older boys i received new clothes from alot so i went through and really picked out the ones i didnt care for. I also will be consigning alot of them.
  • I sorted the clothes by size and type.  I put the bigger sizes in labeled totes and stored them in our spare bedroom.  I will sell or donate anything that we don't like or doesn't fit.  DH and I worked together sorting the clothes, so it didn't take too long.
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  • i rejoiced i didnt have to do laundry. my daughter hasnt worn the same outfit twice. packing them up for baby #2


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