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Help dont know what to do

I just lost my job 2 weeks ago, I was working for a temp agancy. The job just ended I knew it was temp just though it was supposed to last till december. Anyway I told my employer(the temp agency i was pregnant about 16 weeks. Well now the job ended and I need another job and I think they dont want to place me now because they know i am pregnant. I have called them to get place they are not returing my calls, or emailing me telling me that nothing is available even though i see the posting on the website. Now i am showing and I need a job. I already have 2 kids and this is the 3rd one and i think me and my finance will end soon cause its just not working out. I have applied for several jobs and they have one that I know is right for me I just dont know if i should be upfront or wait. its crazy both ways for me because if i tell them upfront then i might not get it and if I wait they might think I am liar and i should have told them. I am a hard working and dont want special treatment i will work till the baby is ready to come out. Please help and give advice

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Re: Help dont know what to do

  • If you want a job, don't tell people you're pg. You are not required to tell them, so not telling them does not make you a liar.
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  • Agree, don't tell them. It's business, you need $, don't lose sight of that. So what if they think you are a liar. Do what you need to do to support you and your family. Good Luck!
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  • IMO, you should tell them when they offer the job not a moment sooner. I interviewed for another position in my company. If they offer me the job, I will tell them. Since I already told my supervisor, I think it's fair. I of course want to make sure that tehy love me before they know.
  • I went for a job interview 2 days ago. I did not tell the interviewer that I am pregnant (it was none of his business). I am 24 weeks and luckily still able to hide it. I am now being called in for a second interview next week. I will tell them if I get a job offer. IMO I do not believe it matters unless you get offered the job. Maybe you just need to start looking outside of the temp agency for jobs. It would bypass that problem and who knows you might find a better job.

    Good luck with your search.

  • In your situation, I would not tell them until you have signed an offer letter / contract.

    You are not obligated to tell them, and legally they cannot deny you the job due to pregnancy unless being pregnant will keep you from performing job functions (ie, lifting heavy things, etc).


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  • Just for the record, I work for a temp agency, and the only thing we care about when placing someone on assignment is that they can perform the job as required. Whether you tell or not is your decision, personally, you don't have to so I wouldn't. But with that being said, try to understand that it is a temp agency. Jobs vary on a day-to-day basis, and in some cases, an hour-to-hour basis. Don't necessarily go on what you've heard they have available, and don't assume that the reason they haven't called you is because of your pregnancy. They may not have anything that matches your skill set right now. I don't know where you are or what your background is in, or what agency this refers to, so there are a number of variables, but I can say that in my area, business really starts to slow down around this time, and picks back up closer to December, with people looking for seasonal help. As long as the employer you were just released from gave you a good reference, they'll do their best to get you back to work, because we value the really great employees. Unfortunately, when you have a database of 2000+ people looking for a job, it's hard to get everyone to work. But my advice is to maintain your availability, and hang in there, but give them time.
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  • image bearkatjen:
    If you want a job, don't tell people you're pg. You are not required to tell them, so not telling them does not make you a liar.

    Agree - keep it to yourself.  Shouldn't be a factor.  If the temp agency doesn't seem to be helping you - I'd start looking elsewhere!

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  • Try going for the holiday position jobs that are coming up now. Plenty of retail places need extra people temporarily for the holiday season so they won't care if you're prego or not and you're not required to tell anyone anything. For all they know you eat too many tacos ;) lol jk
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