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Belly button after stump

What does the belly button look like after stump falls off? Cometly closed ip or still healing/ dried out? My LOs fell off last night and it still looks open and has that puss look inside. Seems like it fell off too early.

Re: Belly button after stump

  • DD's was full of puss and gross after. Apparently, her umbilical cord was regrowing and she had to have a procedure done in the doc's office to stop it from regrowing. However, he said this is rare, so yours is probably okay.
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  • Ours was a bit goopy for a few days. Just keep it clean and dry. We even used a hairdryer to keep it dry.
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  • DS's was also goopy and there was slight discharge for a couple of weeks or so.
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  • After his stump fell off there was still a little bit left stuck in his belly button but the pedi squeezed it out(so gross) and it was fine after that. No puss or anything.
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  • I was surprised - hers was a little pink for a couple of days, and then it healed up beautifully. She never had any puss or goopyness (new word??) or anything.


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