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Brainwashing my son ..... and procedure

Drake has taken so many leaps this week it's amazing!  On Monday he started clapping for the first time so while we were watching the Sharks game tonight (we're big hockey fans) I said "Yay Sharks!" and he started clapping!  Now all I have to say is "what do we say for the Sharks" and he claps.  How terrible am I??!! 

He also started blowing kisses today!  He absolutely amazes me every day!

In the morning (Friday) we have another esophagus dilation and bronchoscopy (a look at his airway).  By the time many of you read this we will probably be on our way home if not there already!  However, it is still very nerve racking watching my son go under anesthesia again.  I know everything will be fine but I will be very happy when he is back in my arms and ready to come home with me!

I hope everyone is doing well and I will report (hopefully good news!)  tomorrow when I get a chance.

Re: Brainwashing my son ..... and procedure

  • That is great. Go SHARKS...I picture him clapping.

    I hope the bronch turns out with positive results. Drake is a fighter, this you know and will pull through this with flying colors. Always in our thoughts and prayers.


  • i can't wait for blowing kisses!!!  that is so sweet!

     hope everything goes great today!

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  • Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you. No matter how many dilatations you have, they're always nerve racking, aren't they? Is this your first bronchioscope? Tucker had one a few months ago and they found that when he gets a cold, he grows influenza and strep bacteria in his lungs.
    The plus side is that now when he gets a bad cold, he gets on antibiotics right away. (though the last round of antibiotics cause a freaking bowel blockage! sometimes you just can't win! LOL)

    I hope that you get some good news from the bronch. Why are they doing a dilitation? Was Drake getting scar tissue? Any solids yet? Fill me in!

    I hopet hat all went well and that you guys are home settled in and relaxing.



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