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Newborn photo shoot

I am sure many of you , like me took LO to a newborn photo shoot. Today we got our images back and they are fantastic!!! Now the question is what do we buy? We can purchase the digital images for 650 which DH wants to do or we can purchase prints, or both I guess depending on how much we want to spend. What did you guys do? DH thinks we will get more use from the images, emailing to family friends etc and thinks we can print out the ones we like. I am concerned that if we print them out the quality will not be great. Any thoughts?
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Re: Newborn photo shoot

  • You can order professional quality prints from you disc.  google it and you should find a bunch of places...not walmart, cvs, etc.
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  • Disc you'd be silly not to. A good website for prints is
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  • I agree get the cd with images and I second mpix they have great quality
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  • Def get the cd. Otherwise you may not be able to print the birth announcements! Plus you can use the cd again later for Christmas Gifts or something.
  • get the disc & order prints at ritzpix online. order matte prints & youll be happy ! 
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  • if you had a good photographer the size should be wonderful for prints. IMO Costco does the best and are cheap!! Ger Lustre for your pics more professional than glossy
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  • I would check to see what maximum print size the photog is offering on the disc.

    Many prof photog will limit the image size to 5x7 or smaller prints only.

    So check this just in case you were expecting to have large pictures gracing your wall.

    Also I'm all for more bang for your buck but photographers spend hours taking the pictures and then hours editing/processing the images. I have so many parents tell me unknowingly ignorantly to my face that they plan to get the images printed at Walmart or similar or from their home photo printer.

    It really is a slap to the face. Please order your prints from a quality company. If they are printed/processed at an inferior printer then while the prints might look okay with a quality printer they would have looked fabulous.
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