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Prefold smell?

I am curious if its normal for my prefolds to stink after LO has peed? I am using soap nuts with cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse and drying them on high not sure if I am doing something wrong. 

Also if it matters my LO has a diaper rash all of a sudden, I was thinking they might not be getting clean enough?  

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Re: Prefold smell?

  • Invest in some OxyBoost by Pacific Sands... it's like Oxyclean without all the yucky additives. It will get your diapers super clean! I just throw a couple scoops in the hot wash every couple weeks and then do the cold rinse afterwards. You probably just have ammonia and detergent buildup. Even Soap Nuts can build up over time!
  • Also, try doing a hot rinse first. It can help breakdown the fat in solid waste and get them cleaner. Also, do you have enough to do a full load? Diapers agitating against each other help them get cleaner. With a small load, I'll throw in a towel with them and it does seem to help them get cleaner.

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  • Thanks for the oxyboost idea, and yes I have enough to do a full load, I was eod and my little still goes through about tentwelve diaper changes a day :
    My washer doesn't have an option for a hot rinse I'm not sure if there is any way for me to even trick it into doing that
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  • I'm not sure that I would consider 12 prefolds a very full load.  I would maybe add a towel.  I had problems getting my prefolds clean without adding a towel when I was every other day.

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