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2nd Trimester

XP: Gender Dreams

Has anyone had a dream of their LO and found out the gender.

I recently woke up from my much needed nap and I had a dream I had a little boy.

Has anyone had this dream and was the dream right? Just curious

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Re: XP: Gender Dreams

  • I only had 1 gender dream and it was with my first. It was a girl in my dream but a few weeks later we found out it was a boy. Never had one with my daughter and haven't with this pregnancy either.
  • I had two recent dreams in which I had a baby boy. We found out last night that we're having a girl.

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  • omg yes.the other night i had a dream that i took my son to get his hair cut and today i found out its a boy :))
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  • I had 2 dreams and my husband 1 that the baby was a boy, and he is all boy!! Big Smile I also dreamt that I gave birth to a dog Ick! but I have a couple friends that had gender dreams and the baby was the sex in which they dreamed..
  • yes! I had one dream a week before my a/s. I dreamed we had a little girl, who wasn't much of a baby at the time...or rather was really an infant, but looked like a 3 year old...( so weird I know...) When we went for our scan we found out we were having a girl!
  • I had several dreams about the sex of the baby. In them all it was a girl. And the a/s we found out we are having a girl.
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  • I had several baby boy dreams and no baby girl dreams. LO is a girl. 
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  • I had two baby dreams, one boy and one I couldn't tell the sex. I'm having a boy.


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  • I've found the gender dreams to be extremely inaccurate - twice.
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  • I had I don't know how many dreams that it was a girl! Once we found out it's a boy, they stopped :)
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  • 2 dreams it was a girl, and it is!


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  • With my daughter I dreamt boy before we found out. With this one I dreamt boy and at the 12 week scan doc said he was 99 sure it's a boy. We'll see for sure in a few weeks.

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  • With DD, I had 2 dreams in 1st tri that it was a boy. I thought maybe the baby was producing testosterone and my brain was picking up on it. Then, right before my a/s, I had a dream she was a girl, so I had no idea. She was a girl. Later in the pregnancy, I had a dream that I gave birth to and nursed (gross) a kitten. She still came out a human girl. I'd say your dream has a 50% chance of being correct! :-)

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  • My dreams were wrong.
  • Yep. In a weird way though.

    I had a dream that I couldn't get a good ultra sound, then I finally did and it was a girl.

    The next night I dreamed I had a boy.

    THEN I had my U/S and it wasn't good quality, and my tech said it could be a girl.

    THEN I had a better U/S and found out it was a boy.

    So... both my dreams were right... sort of. 

  • DH and I both had dreams about the sex of the baby. Once it was a boy, twice it was a girl, and once it was a puppy. I really, really hope that dreams aren't accurate. 
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