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DH and I have very different names styles. He likes trendy and I am more on the classic side. He heard this name the other day and really liked it. I like it too. I just don't like how matchy Trent and Trevor sound. Matchy wasn't intentional. What do you think of Trevor Jack? Would you still use it even if it is matchy? TIA

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  • I wouldn't worry about it being matchy.
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    My only association with Trevor is Neville Longbottom's frog :I like Trevor Jack.nbsp; I think it's different.It is a biiiit matchy with Trent.nbsp; I might steer clear of it, but if it's the only name you guys like, I don't think it would be the end of the world.nbsp;Happy Birthday to Trent, by the way!

    Thank you! He's napping my arms... Loving the birthday cuddles!
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  • I really like Trevor (and Trent too!). Since the first three letters of both names are exactly the same, I would keep trying to find something else. If you can't, it isn't horrible. I also like Trevor Jack.
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  • I really like Trevor Jack but I think its a bit too matchy for my taste.
  • Haha... this is DH's name, and he constantly gets called Trent, just FYI. 
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  • Love it. It was at the top of our list even before DS2 was born, but I loved Nolan a lot more. We still like Trevor, and I think Trevor Jack is a great name.

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  • I like Trevor- it's not a name I hear everyday. Happy Birthday to your little man!!
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  • I really like the name Trevor but personally I think it is too matchy with Trent. 
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  • it is a matchy but oh well--they arent going to be living together forever :-)  I like the name Trevor
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  • LOVE Trevor! I don't mind the way it matches Trent.
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  • I like the name, but I do find it very matchy, and I'm not usually picky about sibsets. For some reason, I very strongly associate the names Trent, Trevor, and Troy-- I think I went through a period in my adolescence where those were my very favorite boy names, so I view them as part of the same theme. But that may just be me. It is a nice name, and underused. 

  • I like both names but they are a bit to matchy together for my liking.
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  • Trent and Trevor are pretty matchy... You probably both like Trevor because you already agreed on something pretty similar! 

    Unless you've gone through lists and lists and just can't find anything else that you agree on, I'd keep looking... 

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