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Just wondering

I have an appt with OB next week, but have any of you ladies ever had cramps after AF?  I've always been 28 days, but this one visited after 21 days and now that it's gone, I'm getting all kinds of cramps.

No little person in there and I'm sure my OB will let me know what's going on , but I was just wondering if this has happened to any of you ladies.  Thanks.


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Re: Just wondering

  • Are you sure there's no little person in there?

  • I am goig throught the same thing right now.  I had a shorter cycle as well.  I went to the hospital, the pain was very intense, butthey didn't find anything conclusive.  They sent me home.  i've had cramps and abdominal pain ever since.  

    Suppose this is not much help, other than you're not alone.


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