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Is therapy necessary for ODD children?

My friend's child was "diagnosed" with ODD.  She's not interested in receiving any type of therapy and has read online articles & studies to where she's come up with her own plan for managing her child's diagnosis.  

I'd like to hear from those of you who have decided not to use therapy as part of your child's treatment and what reasons led you to make that choice.  I want to be there to support my friend and her child in the best way possible, but I must be honest and say that I do not agree with her choice; however, I will respect it.  

Thanks for all of the details and information you share!   

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Re: Is therapy necessary for ODD children?

  • auntie!

    I was hoping you'd respond!  I know how valuable your input is so thanks so much for replying! :)

    I used quotes because my friend regularly Skypes with her therapist.  She's working on some other things and the issue with her child slowly became a part of her counseling sessions.  She had her answer a questionnaire about her child's behavior which her child scored "off the charts" according to her.  However, there's never been any type of counseling session or observation with the child at all.  I thought that would be an important piece of info to have before making a full and complete diagnosis.   

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