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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

HELP! I'm not thrilled with my RE. In fact I'm really annoyed at him. Not for treatment just for how i'm being treated there by the staff. There's just no compassion for what I just went through and it's so frustrating. I feel like I'm another number.

So with that said I'm going for a second opinion. For those that have experienced multiple m/c's--actually consecutive ones, what treatments have you gone through and what specific testing should I expect. The RE (that i go to now) has me coming in in a month to discuss next steps and treatment options. He then made the comment "after that, there's nothing more that I can help you with." I understand, miscarriages are tough and nothing can prevent them. I just wasn't thrilled he said that to me today.

I just looked at the statistics for consecutive pregnancy losses and I just got really scared. I'm trying to be optimistic and believe it'll happen at some point, but after reading this one article i'm thinking I may not be so lucky :(

Re: Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

  • So sorry you're going through this.  Miscarriages are so hard and very isolating.  I've had three miscarriages (see my siggy) and one healthy son.  I did all of my testing over the past month. We had karyotyping done on both my husband and I (normal); the RLP done twice (normal); thyroid levels checked (normal); SA for my husband (normal); insulin checked (normal); SIS on my ute (normal); then I had FSH and AMH tested.  My FSH is fine (6.7) but my AMH is on the lowish end (0.7).  I guess that indicates I don't have a ton of eggs left.  Basically, my RE didn't find any huge red flags.

    I do ovulate late in my cycle (anywhere from day 22 to 35) and in my pregnancies my progesterone has always been low.  It was a 2.4 (ridiculously low) at five weeks pregnant with my son (my only successful pregnancy).  My RE thinks that my hormones aren't working to create a strong ovulation so my weak egg creates a fetus that may have issues and my low progesterone doesn't help.  I'm using femara this cycle to boost my ovulation -- I had one mature follicle at CD12 and I triggered the same day.  This is the earliest I have ever ovulated.  I'm hoping it works!

    I think it's horrible your RE said there's nothing he can help you with.  I'm sorry about that.  I'm glad you're going for a second opinion.  My doctor didn't say anything like that to me.  She actually said she was very optimistic since I have had one son.  She just said we need to get my hormones in balance and create a strong ovulation.  

    Good luck!

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  • I've had two losses in a row. My Dr says at my age 38 there is a 20 chance of loss vs I think only 8 for younger gals. I had a boat load of blood tests. All normal except a borderline clotting thing. I take a baby asprin each day. There is a lot that can help all of us. If your Dr doesn't make you feel hopeful find one who does.

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  • First, I am so sorry for your losses and for how you were treated by your RE's office. That is terrible. I've had 5 m/c's, three of them occuring within a 11 month period. I had karotyping done, tests for blood clotting disorders, a hysteosonogram and endometrial biopsy. All were normal and eventually I did get pregnant again resulting in my DS.
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  • Thanks guys!!! Yep totally switching. Just going for blood work in 2 weeks, chromosome testing and then moving on. I did do femara for 2 cycles and just realized I am not comfortable with meds. So I ended up taking a break and just did acupuncture which resulted in this last pregnancy. I swear by it! I always ovulated so late in my cycle and had a short cycle, this last time I ovulated on day 14! That has NEVER happened to me.

    So I have hope that I'll eventually get my 2nd take home baby with acupuncture and just waiting.  But in the meantime I want to rule everything out and my RE's office is just so not compassionate.

    He has me going for the RPL panel but from what he says it's not the extensive list because him and his associates (through literature) believe in testing only for lupus, factor V, anticardiolipin (?), thyroid and one other I'll start there and then see what the other group has to say.  They may have me doing even more tests, who knows. 

  • I've had 4 consecutive losses - see siggy. 

    Find a new RE - there are plenty of good doctors out there, don't waste your time with someone who isn't compassionate and willing to try anything.  We left our RE after he told me I probably just have bad eggs and should try again.  I'm seeing a new OB who is willing to allow me to try nearly anything, within reason of course.  

    Has your DH had a SA?  All of my previous doctors said it couldn't be an issue with him, therefore no need to test.  My new doctor, however, agreed that it was something worth looking into.  We don't anything definite yet but after DHs first SA, his results came back abnormal.  He'll be tested again next week and we'll go from there.

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