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Happy Hump Day

Pumpkin spice coffee from DD is my friend today, haha.  Hope everyone is having a good day!  One more day till Katt's u/s :)
TTC #1 Dx: severe MFI
IVF with ICSI #1: BFP
TESE for DH 08/09/09
ER 08/09/09; ET 08/14/09; Beta #1 08/23/09: 150; Beta #2 08/25/09: 267
TTC #2: FET #1: BFP
ET 06/16/11; Beta #1 06/25/11: 282; Beta #2 06/27/11: 777
First u/s: Twins! Baby A stopped growing @ 9 weeks, forever in our hearts
TTC #3: FET #2: c/p lost at 4 weeks
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Re: Happy Hump Day

  • I had a hostess cupcake for breakfast. I feel no guilt about this. I do, however, feel guilty about the amount of laundry that has piled up this week. I should probably get on that. 

    I can't wait to hear about your u/s Katt! 


    Waiting anxiously for someone to come home

    IUIs #1 & 2 BFN, IUI #3 chemical pregnancy.

    IVF cycle 1: ER 8/27 10R, 8M, 6F No frosties for us, none survived to freeze

    Two transferred 9/1

    First beta 247, second beta 487. 9/20 Twins!

    Grow little babies, please, please continue to grow
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