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Update: 1cm dilated

I was able to get into the U/S tech yesterday for an emergency appointment. They checked our lil lady and she is doing great. She has a four chamber heart, 2 kidneys, a nice size noggin and vagina. As for the status of my cervix, everything looks great. It looks pretty closed and she is thinking it opened a little for the MW and closed back up with me resting. She did see a spot that can either be a polyp or a cyst. I will see my MW again for this.

So Leilani is not trying to escape. She is snuggled down low, but not something they are too worried about. They do still want me to take it easy since I did kind of dilate. Although they say that happens a lot with a second pregnancy. Nothing too heavy, light walking, light exercising and no heavy lifting.


Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers. It was a very scary 24 hours thinking about all the what ifs.

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Re: Update: 1cm dilated

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