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WHERE are you buying LO's shoes?

I have been trying to find shoes for DD since she's starting to try walking more, and it's getting too cold out to just have socks on outside. Everywhere I look, all I can find are cute little girl flats, which are adorable, but we live in Northern Wisconsin. I need something that will cover her whole foot, not leave the top of her foot only covered by a strap. So WHERE are you buying your shoes? I feel like I'm not able to find anything like I'm looking for. Are you ordering online, or going to a store?
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Re: WHERE are you buying LO's shoes?

  • Zulilly.  I've had good luck with the sizes... although they were a bit big, she grew into them quickly.  I had to look up the size charts for the different brands and measure DD's foot, but it worked out and I saved a lot.  

    Good luck!   

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  • I tend to only buy Stride Rite brands, which includes Robeez.  We have a Stride Rite outlet about 45 min away, or I order on Amazon, Zappos, Babysteals

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  • Stride rite.

    Now only does DS has a wide foot, it's extra wide!! We went shoe shopping and all about 3 options to choose from.


  • Last week, I bought 4 pairs at Target on clearance for $16. Otherwise, I've been going to Once Upon a Child and TJ Maxx/Marshall's. I've gotten quite a few pairs, including boots all for less than $5 each at Once Upon a Child. Once you get up to around size 5 the selection isn't as great, but the 2's, 3's and 4's are almost all new or barely used.
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  • We got her sneakers at Journey's for kids/junior (idk what it's called). Stride Rite has boots in their Robeez line, that's where we'll be getting DD's come winter.
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  • I bought some soft soled shoes at TJMaxx yesterday.

     Oh, and they even had soft soled boots!  They were so cute, but I didn't buy those.  Too warm here.  (AZ) 

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  • Old Navy has a pretty good shoe selection online, and many of them are soft-soled if your LO isn't walking yet. I bought DD a pair of soft-soled sneakers that cover her entire foot, and they only cost $7.


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