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Fertility/IVF benefits in Raleigh/Durham

Does anyone know of any companies in the Raleigh/Durham area that offer IVF benefits. Currently my husbands plan covers diagnosis only.  Afer 4 IUI's we are depleted our savings and have decided to move foreard with IVF.

 Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Fertility/IVF benefits in Raleigh/Durham

  • to my knowledge, SAS is the only company in the area whose benefits cover IVF.
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  • Duke covers after 2 years of service, though there are limits (not unlimited cycles).
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  • Most companies don't but you should look at UNC Women's Specialty Clinic.  They are significantly cheaper than Carolina Conceptions and if they think you are a good candidate for IVF you can quailfy for a program that if IVF doesn't work, they refund 75% of your money. 
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