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Babysitter Recs for Portland Visitors? :)

Hi Portland Mamas or (those to-be!), 

My husband and I are vacationing in Portland (and other areas of the Pacific NW) with our 15 mos. old son.  We would like to take one of the nights while we are there to enjoy a dinner after 7pm ;)  

We called the hotel already for recs which is what we have done and "they don't do that".  We'll be in Portland Oct 4th and 5th and are staying downtown.  

Thanks in advance! 

 PS- it's been awhile since I've been on the nest/bump; and maybe should have posted on the nest but this board looked a bit more active! :)  Feel free to PM me if you'd rather... although someone may have to remind me how to check my PM! 

Re: Babysitter Recs for Portland Visitors? :)

  • One of our local nesties babysits for me all the time, she lives near downtown, I'll see if I can get her to respond to this!  I can vouch 100% for her, she's been a local nestie for about 2 years and is also a very close friend of mine.  She's a great person and wonderful with kids.

    Her name is SDGirl or something similar, we don't post on the nest much anymore so I don't remember exactly what it is, lol...

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  • I just talked to her, her email is erinpdx1022 at gmail dot com

    Please let me know when you read this, so I can delete her email : )

    Have fun and enjoy Portland!  Do you need dinner recs or anything?

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