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Did anyone take the breastfeeding class at Crestwood?  Was it worth it?  Did you find it helpful?
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    I took it, and honestly... it wasn't that great. I love the teacher, but I pretty much knew all the stuff in the literature that was handed out. It felt like kind of a rush job. All I really remember learning was "brush brush bam" is how you get the baby to latch, lol! What I did not learn about is how to tell if your baby is tongue-tied, and what to do about it.... which turned out to be exactly what I really, really needed to know. 

     If you need information on breastfeeding basics, then I'd go ahead and take the class. If you've already done a bit of research on your own regarding general breastfeeding issues, it might be a waste of your time. 

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    Honestly, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to breastfeeding.  I've got a book or two on it, but I haven't started them yet.  I know it's not as easy as it looks though.  I just went ahead and registered for the class.  It's free and it couldn't hurt, so we'll go.  Plus, it will kinda give my husband an idea of what exactly is going on.  He's pretty clueless too.  Thanks for your input!
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    I took the class at A Nurturing Moment (it was free since we took the Bradley Method Class there).  I did give birth at Crestwood, though, and the head lactation nurse, Jane Mitchell, was my lactation consultant.  I really loved her and all of the staff at Crestwood.  In fact, about 4-5 weeks post partum, when I was experiencing a second round of mastitis, the nurses gave me Jane's cell phone number since she was out that day and she gladly spoke with me concerning my problems with nursing.

    So, I guess all of that to say that even though I didn't take Crestwood's nursing class, I did really appreciate the concern and care of the teacher of the class. 

     Hope that helps!



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