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NACCRRA question

Long story short, we just arrived at our new duty station and have decided to send our son to a preschool other than CDC. Reaching the CDC resource and referral department here is like breaking an interntional code (left multiple messages, drove around looking for their office and have sent a few emails) so I give up.

I'm wondering if anyone here has applied for NACCRRA through the NACCRRA website? Is it income based? I think there may be more than one assistance program, the one we're interested in is a monthly subsidy for military families attending a home care program b/c CDC is not available to them (long wait list @ CDC).

Any info / advice out there.  

Re: NACCRRA question

  • Applying through the website isn't difficult, but there can be a lot of back and forth.  It's income based, as are most subsidies.

    Does your inhome day care meet the requirements for NACCRRA certification?  If so, you're set.  If not, you may not qualify.  Right now, we are eligible for OMCC (which is for when the Servicemember is deployed), and my provider's eligibility isn't a concern.  However, when he returns, our subsidy will fall away because she's not accredited and doesn't have an early childhood ed degree.  State licensure isn't enough.  She's also not an FCC family - you don't specify whether yours is or not.


  • Yep, she actually brought NACCRRA up to us b/c she already receives subsidies directly for other families so I assume she's set! It actually a large preschool but privately owned in a residential neighborhood and falls under the 'home care' groping which is good for us.

    Thank you for your help! Not sure we'll qualify but I'll give it a try!


    If you see this response, How long did the process take?

    We actually won't start him until January and I'm wondering if we should wait.



  • We used NACCRRA here in CO for about 6 months. It was income based but one of the requirements is your child must be on the wait list at the CDC. They would call every once and a while and check to make sure our names hadn't came up. There was ALOT of going back and forth to get approved. It took at least 2 months. It was worth it...but frustrating waiting, and when I would call they couldn't tell me how much longer it would take. They will back pay from the day they get your application. Luckily my childcare provider allowed us to pay the rate that we would once NACCRRA kicked in and just waited for the back pay. We knew in about a week that we had been per-approved and the amount we would receive. GOOD LUCK!
  • image browneyes_326:

    If you see this response, How long did the process take?

    It took about a month for us; for a couple of friends, it took 3.  That may or may not have something to do with my having everything in order before starting the application, though.

    As the PP mentioned, any subsidy will backdate to the start of your application if you start it after you start your LO in care.

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