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First-time-pregnant mom groups

Hi lovely pregnant Mamis! I organize Mamistad and we're having a free open house in Clarendon on 9/29 from 2-5 at Sprout/Saffron Studios.  You can contact me here: for more details.  My best to you all! Cynthia

Re: First-time-pregnant mom groups

  • I noticed this is more for Arlington FTM and saw there is a Reston group as well, anything for Fairfax? I'm really not far from Falls Church, but something a little more convenient then going into Arlington would be great.

  • Hi there.  :) 

    To answer your question, most groups I form have members who range in location from Fairfax to DC.  I don't form city-specific groups yet.  :)  I just started the Reston group last week in hopes of helping out some of the moms who are even farther out West (Chantilly, Centreville...).   

    You can email me directly via our webpage:  if you have more questions.  

    I hope you're feeling great!


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