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Food Reaction at 38 weeks pg.

I post this on my birth month board also, but thought I'd mention it over here since it looks like I may trying to figure out my allergy triggers again!

I went for lunch at a restaurant I deem as "safe" and that I've eaten at several times but within twenty minutes of me eating my mouth and lips where tingling and numb as was my throat. I grabbed a benedryl and then stopped at a doc'n box where they gave me prednisone and a new script for an epi. No idea what I ate. I'm gluten free and they're super careful there but even if I was glutened I should not be having that reaction!! They said everything else was the same as always. It's a corporate owned restaurant so the manager pointed out there's rarely any change in anything and certain procedures for everything. They called back and left me a message that they'd pay my doc bills which is great but I just want to know what I ate!! I am now terrified to eat anything. My mouth also still feels weird around my lips and I'm a little tight on the breathing but my seasonal allergies are acting up on top of everything else that or I'm sick. The doc pointed out that my throat was red...soooo...I need to find a new allergist tomorrow and see how soon I can get in after the baby is born for a slew of allergy tests. Oh and my insurance doesn't cover allergies so we're looking at thousands of dollars out of pocket!! Freaking out but I can't be afraid to eat. I'm already terrified to eat out most places! CRAZY DAY!!!

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Re: Food Reaction at 38 weeks pg.

  • I just saw that there was a food allergy board yesterday, so I'm new to this board. I have a pretty rare allergy, and let me tell you that I cannot count the number of times that a manager or chef has deemed something safe for me, then DH and I go back a second time excited to have the same meal and they then say that they cannot make it. This has happened at corporate owned restaurants. Sometimes, the employees, chefs, etc, decide to change something up when they're not supposed to, and you can never fully account for human error. 

     GL figuring out your new trigger. Definitely not something fun to deal with while PG. We've pretty much avoided going out at all during this pregnancy =/ 

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