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will be 39 weeks tomm.

I will be 39 weeks tomm, and my cervix is still closed. I am due October 2nd. this is my first, anyone having any of these problems?

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  • That is pretty typical for first time. At most you might be a centimeter, I was for maybe a week before I went into labor. I highly suggest getting Evening Primrose Oil and inserting 3 to 4 capsules vaginally each night to help soften the cervix. You can also take this orally and it will help your body balance the hormones it will need for labor. Good luck!
  • I'm a mother of two expecting my 3rd in a few weeks. I recommend having intercourse with your husband/significant other. His ejaculating inside of you will also assist with opening your cervix as well as getting your vaginal muscles ready to push. And it's all natural. I've never used evening primrose. It's funny that the same thing that helped you conceive will help you deliver! :
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  • Ditto to the sex... if that is possible. I'm not always comfortable mentioning it for fear someone might be a military wife and their spouse is deployed, the baby daddy is no longer in the picture, other such drama. One never knows! But it totally helps get things moving!
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