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Doctor recs in Cedar Park area please!

We are new to the area and I'm looking for recommendations for a Pediatrician and Primary Care Dr in the Cedar Park/Round Rock area. Also, which hospital is the best in this area to go to? Thanks!

Re: Doctor recs in Cedar Park area please!

  • As are as drs, I am not much help. We are looking for new ones, but for the kids I always go to Dell children's. If it is anything serious all the hospitals will transfer to Dell, so I just take them straight there.
  • it's in NW Austin, not CP, but we go to Balcones Family Medicine that has both a pedi. (for our son) & 2 GPs (for us);  agree that anything major we go to Dell Children's; there is a hospital in CP, but I have heard some not so great things about it; we've had pretty good luck with St. David's N near Parmer/Mopac depending on how far you can go

    DS born 8/2010 - preliminary stages of SN int'l adoption - fur mama to 2 shelter dogs;  cloth diapering, babywearing, EBFing mama

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