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We had our A/S today! but....

she wouldn't tell us the sex.  She said that she saw it an documeted it, but she couldn't tell us.  Evidently it's in the report that she's sent to my doctor so I assume we'll find out at our appointment the week after next.  I think it's because I'm only 19 weeks and they won't tell you before 20 weeks.  But the good news is that she told us that from an ultrasound standpoint, everything looks good!  We saw the spine and arm ad leg bones and feet and heart and brain and kidneys - YAY!  In the end, that stuff is more important that finding out the sex.  FTR, DH saw her write "G" on some of her notes, so we're betting it's a girl :)

Re: We had our A/S today! but....

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    Techs technically aren't allowed to give any information at all...that's why she wasn't able to tell you the sex of baby.
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    Here they can tell you, but only after you're 20 weeks.  Some techs bend the rules and will tell you earlier, but we had a stickler, I guess.  Oh well, not the end of the world.

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    This is when I would call my doctor and ask for that info over the phone.
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    The Techs that I've had for my last 2 u/s's (one in dr's office-6w and the other at the hospital12w) were able to tell us anything we asked.
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    I agree with the pp: are you able to call the dr's office and find out over the phone? I'd be dying of anticipation.. but that's just me : )
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    You can go first thing in the morning and show ID at the place where you got it from and ask for your results. Call ahead so it will be ready
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