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Bouncer? Opinions welcome!

My DH and I have a cute but small condo so we are doing are best to be as effective with space as we can be with the amount of baby stuff we accumulate.  we had our shower last weekend and got a swing and a bouncer.  The swing is up to 30lbs and the bouncer is up to 25lbs.  We also have the pack n play that has the sleeper top and changer top.  The sleeper part is detachable and basically is a bouncer is my opinion.  It has the vibration thing attached to it and the little soft mobile above it, etc. So just curious if the bouncer is really necessary or if it's just another thing that'll take up space in the living room.  Thoughts?

Re: Bouncer? Opinions welcome!

  • Every baby will be different - and you will probably get a lot of different opinions.  We had/have both a bounce and a swing.  DD much preferred the bouncer to the swing until she got a little older maybe 3 or 4 months, then she seemed to like both equally.  I liked having the bouncer because it was small and light enough that it was easy to move around the house if I needed to.  DD would hang out in the bouncer when I would shower in the morning if she was already awake and I could then move it to wherever I needed to in the house.
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  • I would wait and see what you're LO likes best!  FTM here, but I have heard that sometimes they hate the swing, sometimes the swing is the only thing they like, etc etc.  So maybe just hang onto it for now, and then decide.  Maybe you'll end up keeping it and getting rid of the swing (which I assume takes up more space... I know ours does!)
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  • Definitely wait and see what your LO prefers.  I only got a bouncer (from a co-worker) and we are not purchasing a swing yet.  If my DS hates the bouncer and we have issues getting him to relax anywhere, I'll probably give in and buy a swing.  I figure I will need SOMEWHERE to put him while I shower :)
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  • DD loved her swing and hated her bouncer.  My nephews loved their bouncer and the swing, and my niece loved the bouncer hated the swing. 
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  • I have both and with DS1 I used both pretty much until he decided he was done with them. The bouncer was great for when I was cooking dinner and showering. I put him on the kitchen island or somewhere he could see me but he was out of the way and when I showered I put him on the floor in the bathroom. The swing he would nap in or sit and greet our company (it was in the living room). He was a rocker and loved the motion of it.

    I agree with PP wait and see what your LO likes best. Some kids hate swings, some hate the vibration of the bouncer. If it were me and I had an extra closet to throw the bouncer in when not being used I would keep it just incase. If you're planning on more LO's I def would keep it, just take it apart and pack it back up.

    Also, for us the weight limits meant nothing. DS was an overachiever in the gross-motor department so he was out of the bouncer well before the weight limit b/c he would try and climb out of it. The swing actually started to slow down (even after fresh batteries) and creak a little before he hit the weight limit, plus he got bored when he hit about 4 or 5mo old and kept trying to climb out of it as well.

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  • I would also wait and see what LO likes best.

    DD loved the bouncer as well as us. She liked the swing so-so. I had the PNP with a bassinet top but never used the top. We hardly used the PNP at all though because we had a real bassinet (which DD hated) and her crib.

    This time around we are using the RNP and then crib. I have already gotten out the bouncer and washed it because it was so useful last time. I love that it's portable around the house.

  • DS loved both the bouncer and the swing. The bouncer allowed me to take showers and have him in the bathroom with me. He slept really well in the swing during the day for naps. He outgrew both long before the weight limit. He is almost 2 and not even 25 lbs yet.

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  • We used everything you have mentioned with DS1 for different things.  DS1 would only sleep in the swing at night for the first few months.  He would only take naps in the bouncer from like 3-5 months old.  He also liked to sit in the bouncer even after he grew bored with the swing (around 4ish months).
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  • Don't return it until baby is here. My DD hated the swing and seriously we would not have survived without the bouncer. Especially when she had croup 1 million times and would need to sleep propped up or we would use it to put her in bathroom while we showered so the steam would help her breath better. I really used it for a lot of things. Plus they are easier to take with you places.

    Luckily we has just borrowed a swing and once we realized DD was never going to take to it we gave it back!

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