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How do you like your ILs?

Usually mine are okay, but sometimes my FIL and SIL can really annoy the [email protected] out of me.  My FIL can be pushy and just plain irritating.  My SIL can be such a know it all not to mention a pain in the butt drama queen.   She sent me the most irritating text yesterday that still is bugging me.  
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Re: How do you like your ILs?

  • No comment lol! Mine aren't bad. MIL and FIL are very generous. They are just really different from what I'm use to with my family. Not bad just different. BIL is good. He's younger and single, so he's more about partying all the time, but we get along good. I sometimes don't know where my H or BIL came from lol! 

    Inlaws definitely know how to push buttons that's for sure! Hopefully your SIL dorsn't do anything else to drive you crazy. 


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  • MIL/FIL are a combination of the Barones from Everybody Loves Raymond and the Bunkers from All in the Family. They love us, but.... Well, imagine that combination. 

    BIL the twin is awesome and I adore him. Younger BIL is very nice, but very different politically and ideologically, so it can sometimes be difficult to spend lots of time around him. 

    I do love them all. They're different than what I would have chosen (if I had that option) but I do love them. Which isn't to say they can't irritate the crap out of me. 


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  • Mine are really nice but so different from my family. I'm still not really sure how to interact with them.  Plus, I feel like i have to be really careful about what I say and how I say it around them.  Just not sure how my MIL will interpret things.
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  • My FIL is a piece of work! I am SO glad he and his common-law wife live 4+ hours away now. He thinks he's knows everything and has to be the most selfish man I've ever met. When my husband was a little boy (eight years old, I think) FIL abandoned his wife and two kids while they (MIL and the two kids) were visiting family in Louisiana. He told his wife to stay in Louisiana because the marriage was over. How does one do that to his family? I know everyone has a past and things they're not proud of, but he has never treated his own son (and daughter) the way he treats his two step-sons. Even now, my husband has been hurt and taken advantage of by his father. It's hard to like a man who makes your husband feel like crap. 
  • MIL is always right, period. DH and her constantly butt heads because of this which can get rather frustrating. she also has some boundary issues and steps over the line far more frequently than I'd like. BIL is older but very immature. No steady income, no SO, partying like he's 21 at nearly 30. Very hard to relate.
  • I love my inlaws...and my husband loves my parents. And our parents totally get along. We all live in the same town so do a lot of BBQs and have our Christmas' together. Much love in our family.
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