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Is that weird feeling downtown the baby kicking?

I've been definitely feeling my baby move and kick for the last couple days, so I mostly know what that feels like, but I was just wondering what it feels like when your baby kicks your cervix. I'll be feeling fine when all of a sudden I get a weird feeling down town, like a mix of needing to pee and the feeling you get a little bit before you climax (sorry TMI!). Is that the baby putting pressure on my cervix? I was honestly wondering if I had a UTI, but I've had one before and it's not really the same feeling, it's just in the same area. I have an OB appointment this afternoon so I'll mention it to her, but I'm just curious if anyone else has felt that. Thanks! 
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Re: Is that weird feeling downtown the baby kicking?

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    when i feel the baby its about an inch or so below my belly button.  The feeling you are getting may be from something the baby is doing... leaning on a nerve, or another organ thats leaning on a nerve/pressure point.

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    Not sure. I get it, especially after exercising. At first I thought it was Braxton Hicks bc my stomach tightens. Now it feels more like the baby is putting pressure on it. I go to my dr on Friday and will definitely ask.
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    I was wondering the same thing!!!!! I even got up to go pee once and just didn't have to go!  I want to think that it is baby kicking around in there.. It only happens every so often...


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    Sounds like it may just be pressure from the baby. I've had a "lightning crotch" sensation a couple times and it definitely did not feel like I had to pee!

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    Definitely. If baby rests down closer to your cervix and rolls against or jabs the general area of your cervix *or* bladder you can get similar feelings like that - if it's just once in a while, I'd attribute it to baby. If it becomes pretty regular (once or twice an hour all day), you might want to bring it up in case of infection.
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    I always figure it is the baby kicking my bladder.
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    I asked the OB and just she laughed and told me I just had a wiggly baby. Yay for wiggles! 
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