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Gyn with Medical Malpractice Insurance - P. Pines/West Miramar

Hi ladies!  I am new to the board and new to S. Fl.  I am looking for an ObGyn in the Pembroke Pines/Miramar area but I am trying to find one who actually has medical malpractice insurance so that I won't be required to sign the waiver to receive care.  I am kind of shocked that ObGyn's are not required to carry much medical insurance in the state of Florida.  If anyone knows of such a doctor please let me know.  Thanks!!

Re: Gyn with Medical Malpractice Insurance - P. Pines/West Miramar

  • In order to opt out, doctors have to show a certain amount of assets and you can still sue the hospital if there's an issue. You'd be hard pressed to find ANY doctor in FL that carries malpractice, let alone an OB GYN. FL has one of the highest rates for medical lawsuits and fraud in the country and it's worse in OB.
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  • Wow, very surprising. Thanks.
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  • Yep... surprising and sad. We found out a few years back when my husband needed an endoscopy done and we couldn't find anyone with malpractice. Now I've done more research and realized that even if the doctor isn't covered, you're still protected if you're seeing someone at a reputable institution. 
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  • Wow - great post! Had no idea that the OBs out here don't carry medical malpratice insurance! I just moved here and found a great OB, I'm going to have to double check all that paperwork I signed. 



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