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Got carded buying beer

It's their policy to card everyone who looks 40 or younger.  So, at 37, I am too young to buy beer and too old to have a baby.  Stick out tongue

Re: Got carded buying beer

  • Think of it this way... you don't look older than your age, right?



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  • Yes
    promised myself I'd retire when I turned gold, and yet here I am
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  • I believe this is one of those things that deserves an "AWESOME!!!"

    (Truth be told, when I worked as a bartender at a golf course, I'd card gals who were even getting gray hair  - you'd be amazed at the better tips that came in because it made them feel young again!  Of course, I also carded anyone who didn't have wrinkles and gray because the Sheriff's Dept. often ran sting operations where they'd send someone a day or two from turning 21 in to see if we'd sell them a beer..)

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  • I got carded a couple of times recently and I thought, wow, the sleep deprivation from baby #2 must not be showing as much as I thought!

    Then the second clerk told me the truth.  Turns out they now card everyone because our state recently deregulated liquor (you can buy it anywhere now, including grocery stores or giant bottles at Costco) and there are undercover officers everywhere trying to rack up some fines.  Way to kill my joy, lady!  :)

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