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Leap Pad Questions!

My MIL is Christmas shopping early, and wants to know which of these I think Emma would enjoy.  She will be 3.5 around Christmas and I know NOTHING about either one.  Which should I recommend??


LeapFrog Leap Pad Explorer

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer 

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Re: Leap Pad Questions!

  • i don't really know how to help.  my MIL just got the boys the leap pads.  is that different than the explorere.  I know there is one explorer that the leap pad can use the sam games as.

    anyway...kids LOVE their leap pads.  Cooper is still a little young for it. he just turned 2 but jax LOVES it.  i can't keep up with the apps b/c they aren't as cheap as like the ipad ones...

  • Colin is getting the leap pad 2 for Christmas this year. He already has the explorer but has been begging for the leap pad and it uses the same games. I think he will like the leap pad better b/c it's more like my ipad, which I never get to use anymore. I also think the larger touch screen will be better for him. We have a bunch of games and apps and it's been awesome for him to play b/c it has taught him numbers and letters, etc...I think 3.5 is a great age for the leap pad. 
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