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All these pregnant people around me causing anxieties

So I in the last couple weeks some close family and co workers have had a range of baby scares which has had me tossing all night. My cousin was admitted to the hospital when they found no amniotic fluid around baby, a teacher with twins was hopstalized then put on bed rest, and another teacher took three days of different meds trying to induce labor before finally having a c section. But finally everyone is happy and healthy, my cousin is back on track, the twins met there goal week this week (I guess twins go by a different timeline) so if she goes into labor now very little worries and my friend is home resting after her c section and both baby and mommy are doing great. But all of this has really had me a nervous wreck!




Re: All these pregnant people around me causing anxieties

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    I agree with PP.  It is hard not to worry, but try not to let it get to you.  During my pregnancy (#1) my very good friend was struggling with a molar pregnancy, and my other friend had a blighted ovum.  Both had a D&C.  I was really scared for a while, but then I just had to remind myself that my pregnancy is mine, and every pregnancy is different.


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    I still get nervous too.  I thought that I would be past that by now, but I guess that it's hard to ever feel completely in the clear when you hear about those kinds of things.
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    I totally get this. My sister just had a co-worker's wife give birth to a baby with Treacher Collins Syndrome, and they had no idea prior to the delivery.

    When she told me, I cried my eyes out, for the parents, for the baby, for myself. But like PP said, I, as well as all of us, just have to keep reminding ourselves that our pregnancy is ours, and no one else's. Also, for me, thinking "what will be, will be" helps me worry less, because I do feel like some things are just out of our hands.

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