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Baby kicked Daddy! Woohoo!

DH felt the baby last night!!! I've been feeling the baby for just about a week now myself, and I knew the chances were super slim that he'd feel anything anytime soon, but I kept alerting him to movement anyway and he'd sit patiently with his hand on my belly and sigh in frustration... but we were watching "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and I guess all the laughing got LO riled up and BAM! A nice strong kick for Dad :D Anyone else's babies say hi to Dad yet??

Archer Liam - 2/6/13
Freya Lillian - 11/15/15

Re: Baby kicked Daddy! Woohoo!

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    Awe!!  I remember how fun that was with Nate!  I haven't even felt (I might have, but not really sure yet) LO yet this time!  I'm hoping it's a sign that he/she will be much, much calmer than his/her older sibling. :)



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    Yah.. last week. I have been feeling movement for about 2 weeks now solid, so finally hubby got to feel a little kick. He was super pumped and made me happy, cause i feel them everyday - now he understands whats going on in there a bit better!
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    Yep, he's felt multiple kicks, and it is so awesome to share the experience with him!! He loves it. But for a while baby would stop moving as soon as he would try to feel, I guess he or she is shy :)
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    Yup, U've felt movement a while now, DH for the first time the other night.
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