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new stay at home mom

Hi everyone!
I am a single stay at home mom with a beautiful 10 wk old girl. This is my first child and I don't really have any 'also parent' friends. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any groups or ways to get out and socialize with other moms in the uptown/carrollton area.

Re: new stay at home mom

  • Hey! I have a couple of recommendations:

    1) La Leche League (if you're breastfeeding or interested in breastfeeding): meets the first Tuesday of every month at Zuka Baby on Magazine Street (near Jackson) at 7 PM.  It's a great way to meet other mothers and babies, and a lot of them have other great suggestions.

     2) The Parenting Center at Children's Hospital: they have a group for babies ages 0-6 months that meets on Tuesday mornings and I've herad that's also a great way to meet other parents and babies. 

    Good luck, hope that helps!

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  • I attend baby boogie camp tues and thurs at city park. You bring your baby!  Google baby boogie camp New Orleans it's part of affirm fitness 
  • You may want to try the mommy and baby yoga at Wild Lotus ... I found the yoga invigorating and the community of mamas very supportive when I took a similar class in Northern California

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