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Infant Daycare in East Fort Lauderdale/Pompano?

Hi all. Now that we had the anatomy scan and know the gender (its a boy!) its all becoming very real and we're starting to consider our options for when I go back to work after maternity leave. I've looked at Kids Early Learning Experience in Pompano and Tutor Time in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Can anyone recommend any other reputable infant daycare centers in this area? I'd prefer one off of Federal Highway or east of that; anywhere between Pompano and downtown Fort Lauderdale would be ideal. Thanks so much for your help!!!

Re: Infant Daycare in East Fort Lauderdale/Pompano?

  • Hi-- I am actually in the same boat. Looking for a place- even though I am hesitant to put my 3 month old in daycare. Blah. I live downtown Ft. Lauderdale, if you find a great spot, keep me posted. I will do the same.  Good Luck!
  • Hi! I'm hesitant too... I actually left in tears after the first place I looked at! I live a little north of you (closer to Commercial) so I've been looking in my area as well so both my husband and I can drop off/pick up. I took a look at Tutor Time downtown - I know a lot of people love it there (I thought it was just ok but it gets a lot of good feedback). Also, my OB recommended the church on Broward. Just so you know, Tutor Time usually has wait list. When I looked at it a few weeks ago, they had one spot left for May 2013. So, if you are interested, you should go soon!

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  • I am in the same boat, too!  Take a look at - - they have a great reputation.


    Will check back to this thread to see if anyone has any other suggestions!

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