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My husband & I moved to Greenville from Atlanta almost a year ago. I am a stay-at-home mom to a 3 month old boy! I realized that all of my girlfriends here either work or don't have kids! Do y'all know of a group of moms that stay at home and get together? If not, would anyone be interested in starting a group?

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    DH and I just moved to the Greenville area from central Ohio
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    You may not be checking this thread any more, but pick up a copy of the local parent magazine. You can find it in that big green magazine stand outside if most convenience stores. At the back there is a listing of different groups to join and activities going on in the area. Welcome to Greenville!

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  • Options had some groups. They're mostly AP, but they g2g a lot. Moonshine Mamas was one. Check out Natural Baby in downtown, they should have more info. 

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    Not sure if you are still checking this but my husband and I moved from Atlanta to Greenville about a year ago as well and we are the proud owners of a 4 month old girl. I am also a stay at home mom and all of our friends have children that are older and everyone works.  I have looked on the Internet for some SAHM groups with younger children in the Greenville area but haven't come up with much. Would definitely be interested in starting/joining a group.  Or if you have found something, please let me know :-)
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    Hi! Also a Georgia transplant to Greenville. My husband is in residency at Memorial hospital. I am a member of Upstate Mommies group and several of us get together frequently. I have a 5 month old. Message me for info if you're interested in joining.
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    I am a member of a group called MOMS Club of Simpsonville-North & Mauldin. I'm not sure if you live in that area, but I have loved having other stay at home moms to get together with! Feel free to message me if you need more information. :)
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     Hi! I am so sorry I am just replying... I haven't been on here in forever! It's crazy that we both moved to Greenville around the same time, our children are about the same age and we are both stay-at-home moms! I have a little boy named Jaxon that is 7 and a half months old. We live downtown and I haven't had much luck with groups around here either. Have you joined any groups since you last wrote?

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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